The Hosting Guy is changing to The Coded Garden

The Hosting Guy is changing to The Coded Garden
With effect from the 1st March 2017, The Hosting Guy has become The Coded Garden Limited, a full digital services provider offering more than simply Domains, Web and Email Hosting.

In an industry driven by a Race-to-Zero, it's critical to diversify.

Nigel Bywater, MD, The Coded Garden Ltd
So why are we doing this? Well, the Hosting market is a relentless sector. The 'race to zero' - offering as much as possible for as little as possible - squeezes smaller businesses like us into either diversifying or dying. As we're not fans of dying anytime soon, and because we value you and will NEVER leave you high and dry, we're diversifying instead. 

The Hosting Guy will still exist as a domain and it will for now remain your route to accessing your services but only to the extent that it will be a review and deals site for Hosting and Domains, but as a business you'll be dealing with the new Company. 

What does this mean to you? Nothing really unless you need more services or have an idea but don't know where to start. Your hosting remains unaffected as does the costs for using us and the only changes will be future billing and the existint terms conditions which will transfer to The Coded Garden Limited and potentially the URL to get to your hosting account but instead of just getting Domains, Web and Email Hosting we will be offering Emerging Technology Consulting, Strategy, Project Management and Web and App development.

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