Hundreds of thousands of customers rely on Heart Internet every day to power their websites, emails, applications and much more. Their customers span a wide range of individuals and businesses from bloggers, freelancers and agencies to large national companies with complex requirements.

They understand how important reliable web hosting is to the success of any website, no matter how big or small, and we take that responsibility very seriously. They back up all of their products and services with great prices and 24x7 support from their entirely UK based expert support team who provide some of the fastest response rates in the web hosting industry.


24x7 UK Support

They only employ the most able support staff who are genuinely enthusiastic about the industry and thrive in their highly technical environment. Based in their UK offices, their support team consists of skilled, approachable professionals who know all their systems and services inside out and can resolve any question regardless of its complexity. Their bespoke tools, control panels, support database and other features are so comprehensive and intuitive that 94% of their customers never even need to contact their support team – but you can always rely on them if you need a helping hand.


They listen to their customers

They encourage customers to actively provide feedback on all aspects of their products and services, from individual support staff ratings to new features and improvement suggestions. It's the best way to ensure they're always at the forefront of innovation and meeting customers' business needs on a practical level.

They focus not only on encouraging customers' ideas, but acting on them. Since their launch they've made over 3,000 product tweaks, upgrades and launches thanks to customer feedback.


They 're always evolving

As long as the internet continues to evolve, so will they. They never stand still; they're always investing in their services and platforms to ensure they maintain their reputation for being industry-leading and their customers can use all the latest software and technologies needed for their websites.


Reliability, speed and security

Your choice of web host has a huge influence on the performance of your website(s). Page load speeds, uptime, security and support are all directly impacted upon by how well your web host performs. Thei web hosting platform is fully load balanced, which means their customers’ websites are never reliant on one single server and are not slowed down by spikes in traffic.


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£ 7.49 Per Month Home Pro
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